Grey Ganking


 If your like me then you loved grey ganking in darkness falls, I was loving this moment here!

PrimEvil Forum


 Register for the PE forum, we are back on DAoC for some time and if you want to contact us its the best place to do so!

Closed old PrimEvil BBpress fourm


 Hi All, I have closed the old forum and created this new forum, I know that most DAoC players dont look here any more but you can register for an account and post if you so please. sorry about the move it was required to be able to better manage the guilds. Regards, Berthold

reactivated daoc


 I’ve resubbed to daoc to test the updates and from what’s I’ve seen so far it aint to shabby

New homepage!


 Welcome to PrimeEvils new homepage, there will be lots of updates in the coming weeks!