About PE

About The PrimEvil Guild…..

PrimEvil is about a group of unselfish friends who are always willing to help fellow guildies. A guild which plays the game in the spirit intended, (Oh-ffs, fricking FOTM Chanter, who gave stun to an overpowered caster, one button nOOb)

We pretty much drop everything to come to the aid of others and are not bothered by the elitist attitudes that are found in the large guilds.(Could someone help with the egg of youth please? Where did everyone go ? Must have been a big lad spike to LD everyone I just know everyone wants to spend the next 2 hours getting me this arti.)

FOTM is not what PE is about it is about having fun (Fook I just one shot a hibby with my uber scout)

Many guilds seem to take the whole game too seriously and forget that DAoC is a game and not reality. (Looks away from his PC screen and wonders how to play the game outside his window).

Joking aside, if it wasn’t from PrimEvil I would prolly have left the game a while back as other guilds just dont cut the mustard. The spirit and fun we have is second to none in the whole of DAoC. /salute

PrimEvil was created as a small guild where a few real life friends could meet up because the Guilds in DAoC were far to hardcore – PvE at this time RvR at this time etc. Anyhow some how after a year of creation suddenly we found ourselves having a guild of 40 + members who all shared the love of DAoC but didnt share the love of the Guilds.

Over time PrimEvil became a formidable Guild in RvR on Excalibur, often being the last bastion of hope when defending what became our flagship keep Hurbury. as DAoC Excalibur died we lost most of the Guild, however a Core few members moved with us to the good old USA – we set up and still live there.

P.S. PrimEvil is about stealth zerges. If they can see us they can kill us. If they cannot we can run away….



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